Trantor Liu · 劉君羿
Taipei, Taiwan
B.S in Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2013
National Taiwan University
Facebook: facebook.com/trantor.liu
Gmail: trantor.liu@gmail.com

I'am a web developer. I like swimming and reading. My favorite books are One Hundred Years of Solitude, Moby-Dick, and Outlaws of the Marsh.


國軍互助回報App (January, 2014) - An app for the Republic of China Armed Forces.
CakeResume (June 6, 2013. Closed.) - Share something about you.
馬康多網路書店 (Summer, 2012. Closed.) - Macondo online book store.
2013台大畢業季 (Winter, 2012. Closed.) - Site for NTU Graduate Student Association.
《JS網頁開發者》 (Winter, 2012,unfinished) - Book: JS Web Developer.
盧米歐報社 (Spring, 2012) - Site for a newspaper in NTU.
PTT轉錄達人 (Autumn, 2011)


PingLuWeb PingLuWeb.com
Intern, 2013/5/24
Fandora Fandora.tw
Intern, 2012/2 ~ 2012/8
101NTUGraduation 101NTUGraduation
Web Designer, 2013

Trantor Liu